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Projects and Solutions

One of the components of the equipment for the broadcasting is the antenna-feeder devices. These devices are installed at the final stage of passage of the transmitted signals and play an important role in the formation of high-quality signal in the air, and, hence, on the input of consumer receivers.

Prima Telecom JSC is aimed to fully satisfy the customers and produces a wide range of antennas and radio devices of various capacities. Moreover, the company manufactures equipment in virtually “turn-key” design, which determines the possibility of ordering any, even the often “exotic”, design of antennas and diplexers.

Selecting the performance of these devices depends on many factors that determine the possibility of placing an antenna on a concrete support structure (or diplexer to the specific area) and the ability to perform the required electrical parameters. For antennas these are section of the tower or mast, and the construction of towers and tower zones, towers and other structures congestion and antennas, and dedicated vertical dimensions, and the presence of additional structures on the faces of the tower, etc. The choice of design for requirements of electrical parameters determines the level of input power, bandwidth and operating frequencies, and the polarization signal, etc.

Equipment manufactured by Prima Telecom JSC:

  • broadcasting antennas: I-IV TV bands, VHF FM radio, single- and multichannel with total power from 10 W to 15 kW;
  • filtering devices (band filters, 2-5 channel combiners) with continuous power from 10 W to 10 kW, I-IV TV band and radio broadcasting;
  • elements of SHF tracts, coaxial and wave switches, jacks etc.;
  • TV and radio transmitters with power from 10 W to 10 kW
  • satellite TV receivers
  • digital compression equipment, TV program multiplexing equipment;
  • optical and radio-relay lines.

The list of Prima Telecom JSC developments in the field of antenna-feeder devices includes:

  • “zig-zag” type antennas (all bands);
  • panel antennas on the basis of half-wave vibrators (all bands);
  • band filters on the basis of cross-rod and raker structures;
  • radio broadcasting filters with volumetric resonators;
  • band filters for outputs of transmitters;
  • TV diplexers of low, middle and high power;
  • diplexers for radio transmitters of middle and high power;
  • elements of coaxial-feeder tracts (from coaxial resistense transformators and jacks to full set of elements for the reconstruction of scheme of antenna allocation.

Prima Telecom produces equipment on its own production site. Production facilities include procurement, mechanical, plumbing, welding, painting, assembly and test sites. Design of antennas and filtering equipment is handled by project teams.

All AFD supplied by Prima Telecom JSC are made ​​of light aluminum alloys, have electrical and mechanical characteristics and rival the leading world models, with good price / quality ratio and declarations of conformity according to the Regulation of antennas and feeder devices approved by the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of Russia. Prima Telecom JSC specialists perform EMR calculations, antenna radiation patterns, projects of placement of antennas on television towers. Integrated application of antennas and filters solves the relevant issue of increasing the number of emitted radio and television programs of existing television towers.

For sparsely populated settlements the company developed several versions of antenna complexes, the composition, except antennas, includes collapsible masts from 8 to 16 meters, featuring ridgepoles. Antenna complex allows broadcasting from 2 to 8 television and 2 radio programs to remote villages and camps.

Our specialists will help you to form a clear requirements for the equipment to be ordered. The leading specialists of Prima Telecom JSC have a long experience of work in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Scientific-Production Association of Applied Mechanics” named after Academician Reshetnev (now – Open Joint Stock Company “Information Satellite Systems”), a leading Russian producer of telecommunication satellites.