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Oleg Krotov

Was born in Krasnoyarsk. In 1981 after graduating from high school № 28 of Krasnoyarsk enrolled in Krasnoyarsk Polytechnic Institute (now Krasnoyarsk State Technical University) in the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science.

In 1986 began to work at JSC “Information Satellite Systems” (Previously FSUE “NPO PM” named Reshetnev”) as an engineer in the department of systems engineering orientation and stabilization of satellites.

In 1991 when JSC “ISS” embarked on their first contacts with foreign firms there was a real need for specialists, while possessing technical knowledge, knowledge of English and the basics of foreign economic activity for the negotiation and documentation for foreign partners. In the group of five specialists of JSC “ISS” studied a 6-month training program, “Foreign Trade and Business English” in the research center of Krasnoyarsk.

In 1994 moved to Prima Telecom JSC as the head of the Department of monetary operations, and in 1996 was appointed the head of the department of foreign economic activity. Prima Telecom JSC was founded in 1992 to implement together with JSC “ISS” commercial and international projects in the field of space communications systems.

In 1995, when Prima Telecom JSC actively participated in a joint project of Russian-Canadian project «SovCanStar» to create a system of 5 satellites connected with nearly global coverage, has been trained in business school at York University, Toronto, Canada. Training in business school was entirely in English and included 2-month academic program, and 2-week internship in aerospace concern Spar Aerospace Ltd., Montreal, Canada.

In 1996 was appointed Financial Director of Prima Telecom JSC.

Since 2000 annually elected to the Board of Directors of Prima Telecom JSC.

In the period from 2005 to 2007 trained on the program “Master of Business Administration” in the HSB MV Lomonosov Moscow State University and received an appropriate certificate.

In 2009 was appointed First Deputy General Director of Prima Telecom JSC, and in 2012 – Deputy General Director – Commercial Director.